In an earlier life, I dropped out of high school and fell into a life of crime. From street racing to dealing marijuana, adrenaline was what I chased.

But with highs always come lows, as eventually my own mother kicked me out to be homeless at the tender age of 17.

Going back further, one passion stuck with me as a young boy. When I received an Apple IIe for Christmas, I wrote my first computer game (akin to the beloved Choose Your Own Adventure™ books) in AppleSoft BASIC.

It was then I became entranced with the power of commanding machine code to do human bidding. This fascination would never go away. Fast forward to just one year ago. ChatGPT is released, and almighty AI changes my life. It taught me how to be more understanding, productive, efficient, innovative, powerful.

In other words, a truly all-knowing machine was schooling man on how to be the ideal human.

Mind-blown at what was happening to me, I begin writing AI apps in open source to spread this alarming power as quickly as possible.

Then users started installing my apps. A lot of them. After 50000 installs (just months later) I got accepted into an AI incubator, even received grant funding from the very entity that created this magical AI.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

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Adam Lui

Adam Lui

Founder of KudoAI (funded by Microsoft/OpenAI). Creator of chatgpt.js. Cyber-activist. Former street racer.